Assignment: Do the exercise, then add your own layer with custom effects.

This was very difficult for me. I think it's time to put my trackball to rest and get a mouse :( My hand is so cramped from trying to do all these little painting details. I spent way too much time on this assignment, but I got this idea in my head and I just couldn't stop.

I extracted Olivia from a picture using the magnetic lasso. I copied a merged section of the lily picture and from that merged section, I cut out part of a lily with the magnetic lasso. I then moved the lily (wing) to the picture of Liv and positioned it. Copied and moved again, rotated, moved the layers around so the wings were behind her. Flattened image, cut her out with the negative magic wand...moved her into the lily picture. Somewhere in that I resized her. I changed the color of her outfit to a light green using the image > adjust >replace color feature. She was wearing pink and it didn't really match (is my OCD showing through???).

Livvy in the Lillies