Assignment: Do Lesson 9, then expand the graphic and add your own line of text to which you've applied another style. Then, add it to the pear project and apply a filter.

Let's see... I followed the directions for the diesel picture. Then went on to the pears and did basically what they said to do, but then applied some different filters to the bottom row of pears. Once that was completed, I put the pear picture where the rust copy layer was combined with the diesel text. I followed the same directions in the book to do it. I also added another layer with the pear picture right above the rust background. I did a horizontal and vertical flip and moved it around under the grill to the desired location. I then merged down so that the pears and the rust were merged together. Then, I used the smudge tool to mesh the two images together, so it didn't look so 'straight line'. Then I added text in black. The font is Italian Cursive 16th Century (my favorite font!). I did a drop shadow and bevel and emboss with default settings. Then flattened and saved. This was neat, but I can't wait to get to something where I can be a little more creative...I'm not really into diesels and

Diesel and Pears

Filtered Pears