Miscellaneous Project

The first image is of wrapping paper that I scanned. I cut pieces from it and made new layers to paste them on. The radio and balloons were one layer, Blue was one layer. I got rid of Mailbox altogether, but cut out his party hat and put it on a different layer. Tickety Tock was on her own layer too. I copied pieces of the party hat to cover the mailbox flag, so it would be complete. I also resized it a little bit to fit on Connor's head. I had to move that layer above Connor, so it wasn't behind him.

As far as getting the layer of Connor, I used the magnetic tool to extract him from the slide picture. I just pasted him into the party image. I did a lot of moving things around...

The text was created using Pooh font. I gave it a flag wave, emboss and bevel, drop shadow, and a gradient overlay of transparent rainbow.

There are some areas that could use some touching up, but I didn't have time. The print looks much better.