Health and Well-being

CBSHealthWatch - Just about the best site on the planet to find out about everything from warts to STD's -

CDC / Center for Disease Control - Great site if you're doing school research and want to look really smart! - - Divisions of HIV/AIDS Prevention

Eating Disorders Awareness - For info on bulimia, anorexia, etc. - - Another useful site about personal health, etc. Good section for teens and children. -

Support Sites

Boys and Girls Town Hotline - A great site to learn about problems young people face and how to get help. -

YOUTH.ORG - A site run by volunteers, created to help self-identifying gay, lesbian, bisexual and questioning youth. YOUTH.ORG exists to provide young people with a safe space online to be themselves. -

Study and Reference Sites

Ask Jeeves - A great site for help with homework, advice, etc. -

UNICEF / Voices of Youth - The United Nations Children's Fund, an arm of the United Nations, has been doing humanitarian and relief work with children around the world for decades. This site is about young people from around the world. -

Time2Act - A helpful resource for learning more about conflict resolution in schools and communities. -

Go Ask Alice - Columbia University's Health Education Program: A resource page that allows you to ask any question and get a response. The page is anonymous and also allows you to browse other people's questions to see if they are related to what you need to know.

My Virtual Reference Desk - An educational reference site that offers information on a variety of topics. -

Fun Sites

YourTown Community Website - Run by the Standard Times, this site is loaded with goodies from local performances, fairs, festivals, to the most inclusive list of area support groups. -

Boston Youth Zone - A very neat site for Boston area teens. It's fun to cruise through and see what's out there. Good listings on free concerts in Boston, too. -

Bolt - Everyone under 21 knows what "Bolt" is! -

Teen Voices Magazine - Like the mag, but online. Very cool. -

For Girls

By Girls-For Girls - From Smith College Summer teen program. -