Teen Pages Parody of Dartmouth Town Seal
"Hey guys, welcome to the Teen section at DartmouthYouth.com! Some of our sections are still under construction, so keep checking back to see what's been added. Here are some of the great things we're including in this awesome site:
  • Teen Art Gallery: Send us your artwork, poems, essays, etc.
  • Music Scene: What's hot, what's not, check it out!
  • Help Links: Get help for a friend, including yourself!
  • How to contact our favorite Youth Advocate, Kevin Lee
  • Stuff For Parents: Stuff your parents need to know.
  • Need A Job? Exclusive listing of local businesses that need part-time help!
  • Brain Food: Links to sites that can help get better grades. No kidding!
  • Jokes Anyone? Sources of jokes, one-liners, and assorted silliness.
  • Pick-Me-Ups: For when you're feeling down and need a lift.
Have you got a great idea? Let us know so we can consider it. Thanks for visiting DartmouthYouth.Com! Talk to you later. Love always, your pal, Steph"
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Resources

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